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Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery in Cedar Park, TX

Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery in Cedar Park, TX

Cosmetic vaginal surgery is a combination of procedures used to improve the appearance and function of the vagina. Cosmetic vaginal surgery is usually chosen by women who are experiencing vaginal looseness after childbirth, or with age-related changes including menopause.

A woman may also choose cosmetic vaginal surgery to tighten the vagina for better sexual sensation for herself and her partner.

To learn more about cosmetic vaginal surgery, please call (512) 598-5577 or contact Mrs. Leslie Carey online.

Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery Candidates

You may be a candidate for cosmetic vaginal surgery if:

  • You are unhappy with the appearance of your vulva (your external genitals), including the labia (lips), clitoris, or hymen
  • Your vagina has loosened after childbirth
  • You or your partner are having decreased sensation during sex
  • You are self-conscious about the appearance of your genitals
  • You are experiencing pain during sex, rubbing, or friction from a physical problem (like large labia)
  • Your genitals bulge in tight clothing

Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery Options

There are a variety of cosmetic vaginal procedures that affect the internal muscles of the vagina itself or outer structures. You may be a candidate for one, or several procedures including:

  • Vaginoplasty/vaginal rejuvenation: Tightens and tones loose vaginal walls and the opening to the vagina.
  • Labiaplasty: Surgical reshaping of the inner or outer labia (lips) of the vulva.
  • Hymen reconstruction: Restores the hymen to its original position as a covering to the vagina
  • Clitoral hood reduction: Removes excess skin covering the tip of the clitoris

Choosing a Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeon

Make sure to look for a provider who is reputable and experienced. Ask to see his or her credentials and before & after images of the specific procedure you are having.

Talk with the provider you choose about your hopes for a final outcome and make sure he or she answers all of your questions.

Cosmetic vaginal surgeons may be urogynecologists, gynecologists, or cosmetic surgeons so make sure to look around and take your time finding a provider you feel comfortable with.

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To learn more, please call (512) 598-5577 or contact Mrs. Leslie Carey online.

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