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Gynecological Plastic Surgery in Cedar Park, TX

Gynecological Plastic Surgery in Cedar Park, TX

Gynecological plastic surgery is used to treat a variety of conditions affecting the structure of a woman's internal and external genitals.

For some women, having surgery to correct a problem may seem optional - but for others, sagging, loose skin and changes in the way their genitals look can disrupt their sexual health and self-esteem, making surgery a much more important option.

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Gynecological Plastic Surgery Candidates

Gynecological plastic surgery is an option for many women who have:

  • Enlarged flaps of skin at the opening of the vagina (labia)
  • Loss of tone and strength in the vagina
  • A flap of skin over the clitoris
  • Loss of sexual gratification for herself or her partner due to looseness
  • Painful sex from extra skin or sagging areas

Gynecological Plastic Surgery Procedures

There are several gynecological plastic surgical options available and you may need one, or more than one depending on the problems you are experiencing. Some of the most common gynecological plastic surgery procedures include:

  • Labiaplasty: Flaps of skin on the outside of the vagina can become loose, uneven or larger over time. This can cause painful sex and self-esteem issues.  Your provider can make the labia more even and smaller with a labiaplasty. The procedure is considered safe and is usually completed in an outpatient surgery center. You should be able to resume sexual activity 3-4 weeks after surgery.
  • Vaginoplasty: Many women lose tone and strength of the vagina as a result of childbirth or over time as hormones change. This can mean a less gratifying sexual experience for you and your partner. To correct this, you may need a vaginoplasty. The procedure helps restore the natural shape, size and tone of the vagina.
  • Hymenoplasty: The hymen is a thin piece of tissue that partially covers the opening of the vagina. Most women will tear this tissue with tampon use, vigorous exercise or during sexual intercourse. You may choose to have this tissue reconnected for religious reasons, as part of the healing process after a rape or incest, or as a gift of “revirginization” for a sexual partner.  The procedure takes 30-45 minutes and about 8 weeks to heal fully.

Any of these procedures and others like clitoral hood reduction may be performed during the same surgery. Your doctor will talk with you about the best procedures for your body type and needs.

Choosing Gynecological Plastic Surgeon

As with any plastic surgery, you will want to find a provider who has extensive experience in the field. He or she should be able to show you plenty of before and after images of their work.

Don't be afraid to ask for their credentials and find out if they have any specific certifications or fellowship training - all of this information will help you choose the best provider.

Providers of gynecological plastic surgery techniques can come from a variety of medical specialties. This includes plastic surgery, urology or gynecology so do a search for providers in your area.

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