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Robotic Gynecologic Surgery in Orlando, FL

Robotic Gynecologic Surgery in Orlando, FL

Robotic surgery, also known as computer-assisted surgery has many different uses. Among these is robotic gynecologic surgery, which utilizes these advanced methods to treat various conditions that affect the female reproductive system.

Computer-assisted surgery for gynecology offers an alternative to traditional invasive surgery. Request more information about robotic surgery today: call (863) 269-3622 or contact Bond Clinic Women's Center online.

What is Robotic Gynecologic Surgery?

Robotic gynecologic surgery refers to a group of medical treatments that use robotic technology and often 3D imaging to assist in the surgical process. Robotic gynecologic surgery can be utilized to treat many different conditions that affect women worldwide.

Some issues that are often treated with robotic surgery for women include:

While these issues can be treated with traditional surgery, robotic gynecologic surgery provides key benefits to those who receive it.

How Does Computer-Assisted Gynecologic Surgery Work?

Traditional surgery features one or more large incisions at the site where the surgery will be performed. Computer-assisted surgery instead makes several small incisions in the side. This is known as a Laparscopic  approach.

During robotic gynecologic surgery, tiny surgical tools are inserted through the incisions made. These tools typically include an imaging device that allows the surgeon to view a magnified 3D image of the surgical site.

Using this image, the surgeon is able to manipulate the surgical tools with extreme precision. During the robotic procedure, the surgeon is in 100% control of the surgery. Because it features small incisions and is performed laparoscopically, robotic surgery features:

  • Shorter operation time
  • Smaller recovery period
  • Shorter downtime
  • Reduced scar appearance
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Decreased infection risk

Ultimately, robotic gynecologic surgery provides the results associated with traditional surgery with a more subtle approach.

Request More Robotic Surgery Information Today

Robotic gynecologic surgery can be used to treat many different conditions and sometimes used to perform a hysterectomy. The only way to determine if you are a suitable candidate for robotic surgery is to speak with a medical professional.

Call (863) 269-3622 or contact Bond Clinic Women's Center online for more information.

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