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Labial Hypertrophy Surgery in Granite Falls, NC

Labial Hypertrophy Surgery in Granite Falls, NC

The labia are folds of skin found on the outside of a woman's genitals. This is also called the vulva. The labia are responsible for protecting the vagina, clitoris and urethra. There are two types of labia - the outer, larger folds called the labia majora (major) and the inner smaller folds called the labia minora (minor).

Some women develop an overgrowth or overdevelopment in the size of the labia - this is called labial hypertrophy.

Is labial hypertrophy dangerous?

Labial hypertrophy is a benign (not dangerous) type of enlargement of the labia. It can happen for a variety of reasons, but usually occurs in women who were born with larger labia to begin with. Most girls notice a change in their labia during puberty, as hormones change. It is not an STD  and you didn't do anything to cause it.

Labial hypertrophy isn't a condition that needs medical treatment unless the enlargement is causing physical problems like yeast infections, pain or irritation of the genitals during activities like exercise, horseback, bicycle and motorcycle riding, other activities as well.

Some women are self-conscious about the size of their labia and may have trouble wearing some tighter clothing, swimsuits or leotards and may want to consider surgery to reduce their size.

Labial Hypertrophy Surgery - Labiaplasty

The procedure is relatively simple. You will see your provider for an exam and he or she will talk with you about the best surgical option.

Labiaplasty takes about an hour to complete and can be done in an outpatient surgical setting under general anesthesia or in your provider's office using local anesthesia to numb just the labia.

During the procedure, your provider will reshape the labia. The surgeon may make a crescent-shaped cut and remove any extra tissue then re-stitch the labia to the body.

Incisions are made close to the body and designed so that the scars are concealed in folds of the vulva.

Healing takes 6-8 weeks and your provider will use dissolving stitches.

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